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                                  The Center for Latin American and Border Studies (CLABS) was created at 上网科学工具app下载 (NMSU) in 1979 after the receipt of generous grants from private and public sources. It is located in Las Cruces in southern New Mexico, less than an hour from the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez . The Center’s mission is to promote excellence in teaching, research and community outreach on issues concerning Latin America, the US-Mexico border and border studies in general. The Center hosts lectures, workshops and conferences, supports outreach activities with local communities and schools, and promotes undergraduate and graduate courses in Latin American and Border Studies at NMSU.

                                  CLABS also supports an online news service regarding border issues, Frontera NorteSur .  The Primary contributor, Kent Patterson, recently retired, so that service, while still available, is greatly diminished.  If you know of someone who would like to make a contribution, please contact us

                                  Part of the College of Arts and Sciences until August, 2016, the Center for Latin American and Border Studies is now a sub-unit of the Office of International and Border Programs.


                                  ** NMSU Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunity policy can be viewed at 


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